After a good catch up at last night’s meet up it was agreed by all that Mondays were becoming increasingly difficult due to shift work and other group gatherings/ commitments. Therefore we are going to move our MaDDOG regular meets to a Wednesday! As Bonfire Night is very near to the next meeting we are moving that to Wednesday 14th November to give the skies chance to be rid of that smoky haze!!

Hope to see you all then and if you are reading this and have never been to our meet ups …please come! All are welcome no matter what the ability! If the skies are cloudy we can do a scope workshop or help with any equipment worries you have! We usually have our local astronomy expert Nigel on hand to give a great guide to the stars and planets visible and the skies are getting darker earlier so we always like to see younger folk too! So see you next month!

chris startrails

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Until then…clear skies!