Astro Links

The following links are for astro groups in the Matlock and Darley Dale area…

White Peak Astronomical Observing Group – here

Wirksworth Star disk – here

Chesterfield Astronomical Society – here

Derby and District Astronomical Society – here

Stockport Astronomical Society – here

Mansfield and Sutton Astronomical Society – here

Some links to shops and sources of Astronomy Equipment

Rother Valley Optics – here

Stockport Binoculars and Telescopes – here

Tring Astronomy Centre – here

Astronomia – here


North West Astronomy Festival – here

Astro Camp – here

 General Astronomy Resources

Astro Farm Holidays – here

Kielder Observatory – here

Dark Sky sites – here

The Jodcast – here

ABC Star Stuff – here

Astronomy.FM – here

Space Boffins from the Naked Scientist – here

Weekly Space Hangout – here

Planetary Radio – here

NASA Spitzer Vod and Pod casts – here

AstronomyCast – here

Astro Nerds eZine – here

Sky at Night Magazine – here

Astronomy Now Magazine – here

Sky and Telescope Magazine – here

Space – here

NASA TV – here

MADDOG’s supporters

Radio Free Smedley Street is based near MADDOG HQ and periodically feature articles on Astronomy. Very entertaining web based radio station, check website for broadcasting times, recordings of past programs also available – here

There’s an App for that!

A list of Astronomy Apps for the major smart phone platforms..


StarChart is rated as one of the best Iphone Astronomy apps, is free and available – here

StarWalk (also available on Android) is currently priced at less than three pounds and is available – here

Distance Suns gets rave reviews and is priced at less than five dollars – here

GoSkyWatch Planetarium offers great graphics and currently price around four dollars – here

SolarWalk focuses more on space science than astronomy but a great educational tool for three dollars – here

Planetarium offers great 3d simulations and is currently priced at two dollars – here


Cosmic-Watch offer outstanding 3d graphics illustrating the movements of stars and planets, currently priced at £3.35 – here

Star Walk 2 (also available on iPhone) currently priced at two pounds and available – here

Stellarium has been and hugely popular planetarium on PC’s for many years, now available mobile and equally as popular for around three pounds – here

Night Sky Pro uses augmented reality to explain what you are looking at in the night sky, around two pounds – here

Night Sky tools is a free download and offers many quite advanced calculations for the amateur astronomer – here

Google SkyMap is a really simply to use augmented reality app, simply hold to the night sky and find what you are looking at, free – here

Multiple Platforms

Sky Safari is supported on IOS, Android and Mac, comes in various versions ranging from a few dollars to around forty dollars and regularly wins awards for its detail and ease of use – here