MaDDOGs Hiatus

Sadly we have had to cease our regular meetings for this group due to members’ ongoing commitments. We are hoping to have impromptu gatherings which make much more sense as regards to weather windows! Please let us know if you are still interested in meeting up with our little ‘hardcore’ group! Thank you everyone for your interest in the group over the years …as a result we have made some great friends amongst us…and we are planning to carry on meeting up on that basis as opposed to a structured observing group.

There does not appear to be any one who would like to take the group forward as regards to regular updates and organising time etc. Which is understandable for a small community and small group such as ours sadly.

Thank you all for a great 4 years! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

MaDDOGs over and out.

Clear Skies!

Don’t forget we are meeting tonight- Wednesday 14th November ….and the sky is looking clear! Look forward to seeing you 7.30 tonight at the Plough Inn, Two Dales. All are welcome!

Next meeting

Just a reminder …no MaDDOGs on a Monday …we have now moved to Wednesdays and our next meet is a week later to avoid the Bonfire night shenanigans!! Hope to see everyone on Wednesday 14th November down at The Plough !



After a good catch up at last night’s meet up it was agreed by all that Mondays were becoming increasingly difficult due to shift work and other group gatherings/ commitments. Therefore we are going to move our MaDDOG regular meets to a Wednesday! As Bonfire Night is very near to the next meeting we are moving that to Wednesday 14th November to give the skies chance to be rid of that smoky haze!!

Hope to see you all then and if you are reading this and have never been to our meet ups …please come! All are welcome no matter what the ability! If the skies are cloudy we can do a scope workshop or help with any equipment worries you have! We usually have our local astronomy expert Nigel on hand to give a great guide to the stars and planets visible and the skies are getting darker earlier so we always like to see younger folk too! So see you next month!

chris startrails

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Until then…clear skies!

Maddogs Meet Again!

After the summer break hope to see you all Monday 1st October! If as many of you can make it that will be great…so we can plan the future of our little observing group. Come with ideas!!! See you all at the Plough Inn on Monday!

Update for September Meet

Looks like September is not a good time for many…. so if you are happy to still meet at the Plough then that please do. Otherwise next meet up first Monday of October when we will have a planning meeting for the future of Maddogs . Thank you all ⭐️🌙🌙🌙

September Meet up

Are there any MaDDOGs free to meet up this Monday 3rd September at the Plough Inn , Two Dales? All welcome…especially new members !!! We are a very friendly bunch!

Last Meet up before Summer!

Hiya MaDDOGs!

We are meeting tomorrow night at the Plough as our last one before the summer break. Doesn’t look too promising for observing but it would be great to get together for a social and make plans for the darker nights in Autumn!

As always new members are most welcome just to meet the group, have some Astro chat and share ideas for future meet ups!

See you all in The Plough 7.30pm tomorrow (Monday) night ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

MaDDOGs Mad May Meet-up!

I must admit , when it started raining at tea time…I was seriously beginning to doubt whether we had made the right decision to meet up last night, after postponing the Bank Holiday date….but what a night! The forecast promised patches of clear but when we went into the grounds to view the skies…WOW! Wall to wall clear skies!
We began the evening with a catch up, followed by Nigel sharing his notebook with memorable astronomical adventures dating right back into his early days! Newspaper cuttings, flyers and promotional material all collected over the space of over 30 years sparked some fabulous conversation…and as always, Nigel always has extremely interesting stories to tell!
After lively discussions covering space exploration, life in the universe and how we all started our adventures into astronomy we were beckoned by a very excited Ben who had gone out to set up his scope…declaring that the skies were AMAZING!!!!
The rest of the night was spent viewing the amazing skies with lots of visual star hopping, observing a magnificent Jupiter and Moons and discussing our favourite constellations and celestial objects.
We weren’t even deterred when the local neighbour’s security light went on …Nigel taking the perfect opportunity for some fun shadow photography!
Overall our spirits were very high as it was our first observation session in a long time. We certainly got our Astro-mojos back last night.
Watch this space for our next gathering plans. We are all very enthusiastic about having impromptu meet ups when the skies allow…we only have a few weeks before dark skies leave us for the summer…
We welcome everyone to join us, no matter what your ability…and there is always a scope, or binoculars to share!
So until next time…..Clear skies! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

All photos by Nigel Bradbury

May Meet Up

Due to many members not being able to make tonight because of the Bank Holiday Madness we will be meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday) as the forecast is still great! It would be such a shame to waste those skies!

So see you Tuesday 8th May 7.30pm in The Plough, Two Dales for all things astro! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

We will also meet next Monday 14th for those who can’t make tomorrow night!