MaDDOGs Bank Holiday Monday Meet!

Looking at the amazing forecast … it looks like we may be in for an observing session on Monday! Hope to see everyone down at The Plough, Two Dales Monday from 7.30! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

April Meeting

As it is Easter Monday this month (and it is a shocking forecast!! ) we will postpone the meeting to next Monday 9th April 7.30pm in the Plough at Two Dales. Hope to see you all there!

February Meet Up

Hello MaDDOGs! Hope you have all enjoyed the festivities…how long ago does that seem?

Although we have had some cracking glimpses of great skies recently…true to form the forecast is looking ropey for our first meet of 2018 but hopefully everyone is up for a social and maybe plan some spontaneous observing sessions – weather permitting?

So planning to meet at the Plough, Two Dales on Monday night , 7.30pm. …and , who knows, the skies may just be kind! 😉

January Meet up!

As the first Monday falls on New Year’s Day we thought you may all be thinking of an early night to bed rather than a meet up at the Plough! So Happy New Year everyone… and see you in February unless we get good skies and you want an impromptu meet with scopes before.. post on Facebook if you do! 😊

See you all soon!

December Gathering!

A busy month for the MaDDOGs this month…meeting up on Monday night 7.30pm at the Plough Inn and a festive gathering the week after! Hope to see you all there! Hoping to have a Telescope surgery with new members bringing their scopes for help with setting up….all welcome! 10500582_10205597996244643_1975062179346796069_n (1)


We have had a redesign to hopefully link all our platforms together so we can keep everyone updated no matter whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or email.

All you need to do is follow the blog and you should get email updates straight from the website!

Fingers crossed!

Welcome !

Hello and welcome to the new website for the Matlock and Darley Dale observing group otherwise known and MADDOGs! This group was first discussed at the Northwest Astronomy Festival in October 2014 and had its first meeting in December 2014. The group came about because of a recognition that there were many people in the area who had a keen interest in Astronomy and working together could share knowledge and improve what they got out of the hobby. We plan to have meetings around the first Monday of the month, we use the Plough Inn at Darley Dale as our meeting location. We do not have a membership fee but any donation towards the cost of the hire of equipment and rooms on the night are gratefully received. If you have any questions or would like more information then please contact us here and we will be please to get back to you.

Also drop us a note if you would like to be added to a mailing list where we will let you know of new events, changed times or dates for existing events or any other astronomy news. We can also be found on Facebook here

Thanks for your interest in this group, we hope you will come to join us at a future meeting.

Clear skies….

Matlock and Darley Dale Observing Group