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On the 3rd and the 10th of March 2017 Pete and Nigel attended an Astronomy outreach event at Elvaston Castle Country Park entitled The Skies the Limit. We have attended this event before and attendance was good despite the weather being torrential for the first event this year. Nigel presented a talk entitled from SpaceX to Aurora looking at Astro Tourism with a great description of the Aurora flight he co-hosts with Pete Lawrence. After the event there was allot of interest with numbers and websites take on several pieces of paper!

Nigel with a member of Derby club and his scope



Derby AS had a good display board and handouts


Ilkeston AS brought their club scope


The Lecture room was capacity for Nigel’s talk, try not to be put off by the animals looking over your shoulder!


Sky's the Limit 3 & 10 March 2017

On Monday the 12th of December 2016 MADDOG’s held their 2016 Christmas meal at the Boat Inn at Cromford. As you can see a really good turn out and an enjoyable evening was had by all. Pete produced an Astro picture quiz and Karen and Matt jointly won a bottle of wine each. The food at the Boat was really good and it now firmly on our list of local hostelries!

On Tuesday the 6th of December MADDOG’s held their first local event at the Pavilion in Matlock Bath. Local Astronomer Nigel Bradbury presented a talk entitled From Asia to Aurora…the Secrets of the Northern Lights. The talk was very well attended and enjoyed by all, hopefully this is the first of many more events hosted by our group.

 The April 2016 Maddog’s meeting was a presentation by Nigel Bradbury covering astronomy events for the coming month plus a description of the last season of Aurora flights. Nigel does around 25 flights over the winter season from most major airports in the UK. He and Pete Lawrence (of Sky at Night fame) provide the commentary during the flights and guide their guests on how to get the most from the flight. Some of the aircraft will hold up to 150 passengers and each flight heads north of Scotland towards the Faroe Islands where a holding pattern is maintained giving passenger the best possible view towards the North and the Auroral Oval. Fourteen people attending the meeting including some new and young faces which was great. There was also general agreement that Astronomers feel more in their natural habitat in close proximity to a bar! The Plough is certainly fully recognised as Maddog’s adopted home. Some pictures below thanks to Chris.



On March the 6th 2016 a major solar flare reaching Kp 6.5 caused auroral displays as far south as Oxfordshire. Several of the group were out taking pictures. Joolz got some superb pictures on her Flickr page here

Taken by Leigh-Ann Mitchell at Slains Castle NE Scotland


Taken by Nigel Bradbury on an Aurora spotting flight from Humberside, Orion is behind there somewhere


On Monday the 2nd of March the group met in surprisingly good viewing conditions for our monthly observing session. The venue was Whitworth Park in Darley Dale and we thank Nigel Bradbury for these superb pictures of the evening.







Some pictures from our first meeting, our guest speaker was the very popular Nigel Bradbury who gave a talk entitled Astro Adventures. We also proved at the first meeting that an Astronomy group works best fed on cookies and muffins!



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